One aspect of the solopreneur business is computering!  It can take some time at times and can loom overhead when actually doing the joyful part of my work, massage!.  I have advanced over the years, even looking at the early days of this blog I notice a difference, and am continually working to improve on my overall web presence.  This week I noticed a really cool signature that linked in an awesome way to the person’s email.  So I’ve been looking into that – see, here’s the time consumer:  How do I put a signature to my scheduling service?  It’s not gmail, yahoo, or another server base and is utilized in large companies, not cost effective for this one woman business.  It *inspires* me to delve into coding, though that seems a far reach for a simple linked name!  I’ll spend a bit more time at it and then it will magically make sense one day soon.  Here’s hoping!  My schedule has been fairly steady busy, so sign up soon for your massage or energy healing session.  Keep my hands at their best work:)




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