222 = Keep the Faith

222 = Keep the Faith


  1. Daft Punk  – Lose Yourself to Dance.  OMG I am super in love with this sound – doesn’t hurt that it’s Soul-Train influenced.   The animated videos are worth the watch too.  My music player says “songs sampled by Daft Punk, songs that influenced by Daft Punk, songs inspired by Daft Punk, and of course, songs by the robots themselves.”  Haha! – Enjoy them and, more importantly, enjoy dancing to them!
  2. Did you get to see these strong Mommas having babies? A pretty amazing view into what it takes to get a human into the world:)
  3. Wanting a bit of creativity in your days?  Here’s some art studio inspiration – Bob Blast – artist Robert Burridge sends out some tips and tidbits about painting and creating.  Check it!
  4. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – here is a regular podcast featuring a variety of artist magicians – Don’t forget – You are one too!
  5. She speaks with Amy Purdy who was on Dancing with the Stars with her prosthetic dancing feet.  Amy says we have to have a “soft heart” with ourselves.  Aaaahhh.
  6. The Roots Channel interviews stellar talent talking about their musical craft. Here’s some incredible local yokels I’ve known for a while and continue to be super amazing musician magicians and great people overall.
  7. Schools In!  If you miss your test taking days, here’s one to keep you on your toes.  The grades are always A’s and you may find something out about yourself:)  Take this  Myer’s Briggs test.  I’m ESTP – what are you?
  8. Here’s another one to find your Love Language – for you and the folks around you to bring on the love in a way you can understand:)
  9. MadDog Madalyn drives around the Skunk Trunk and makes stuff for her skunked-studios.  It don’t stink!
  10. Love me some utthita parsvakonasana – it gets the hips stretched out in such a wonderful way.  This one shows the tiny muscles that feel so good to open.
  11. Learn the Shim Sham to join in the next time you see this group swing dance.  This one is taught by Frankie Manning, a swing dance legend.




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