11:11 Keep your thoughts positive! Sep 8, 2016

11:11 Keep your thoughts positive!                         Sep 8, 2016

I’m an avid follower of Austin Kleon, artist and writer of “How to Steal Like an Artist”.  He does a weekly newsletter of topics he is looking into, so I doing the same!  My own topics though!  Have a goodie!

  1. Overdrive!   A library in your pocket!  Read, Listen, Watch.  An amazing service and wonderful access to your favorite media.  I was thoroughly enjoying  The All Souls Trilogy via CDbook, but finished it mid-family-visit.  My hometown librarian helped me with the phone app and I’ve been a big fan ever since!  Also, happily, The All Souls Trilogy is on it’s way to television production.
  2. The Black Keys.  Can’t get enough!  Maybe they will be on tour in 2017.  You will find me there.  If you want to hear them during your massage, I won’t mind:)                    PSA:  Some of the links will hurt your eyes.
  3. If you hear I’ve moved away to New Mexico, this place is why.  Hopefully as a permanent resident client.  It has 4 different types of Hot Springs – in one place!
  4. What makes the best massage therapist? Here’s one way to look at it, but it’s sooooo personal!
  5. Take a Hike Turkey! [To Yosemite!]    (This is a common command in my family!)  But really, taking is a hike is a great way to rejuvenate, especially if it’s by a running stream or body of water.  Go out and see if it turns around your day!  Let me know where your favorite place to walk or hike is located.
  6.  Joe Nuxhall:  Being a Cincinnatian, his voice resonates through my childhood, especially the end of summer harvest days.  Little did I know he was a Cincinnati Red back in his early days.  His voice has been narrating my day all week.
  7. Gram Parsons.  I’ve been avoiding him, since I know how it ends,  but another song of his I love cropped up, so down the Gram Parsons musical tunnel I went.  All good for all it’s sadness.  I appreciate his influence on so many others. And, I am going to find out all about that outfit!  He loved it so much!
  8. My Art Studio.  I had a Crystal Ball Reading the other day at Raven and Crone.  Pretty good and accurate for a small amount of time.  “They” said to continue my Prose writing from years ago.  Meh – I want to tell stories that others write down! Then I realized “they” were reminding me to get back to my Morning Pages,  from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, which have come up a few other times recently, so I will get to it!  Maybe it will lead me to writing prose – but for now it’s sparked some more studio time.
  9. Really sad to hear about Gene Wilder.  He’s been a funny, funny man that has made me laugh really really hard over and over.  Grab some of your fav videos of his at Orbit, or your local DVD rental place.  Reading about Gene, I was most distracted by how he met Mel Brooks:  Through then fiancé and later wife, Anne Bancroft.  What a quirky pairing that lasted 41 years(!).
  10. Finding a new oil for massage therapy is tough!  They’ve quit making mine, so I am on the lookout for the best type that suits all my clients.  Making my own blends is on my list- you can make some as well!  Let me know if you have any requests, ideas, or favorites!
  11. How often do you see 11:11? – according to Doreen Virtue it means:   “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting instantly into form. Focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears.”  Ever-ly creating my massage practice, art life, joyful days, and being/becoming a healthful being, I’m passing on ideas and cool links and thoughts that roam around inside my brain and on the interwebs I find awesome or thought provoking.  (Austin Kleon does this in his way, and I am stealing the style – Yay! I’m sure(ish) he’ll approve of this theft:)  I love Fridays all the more because of his lists, so Happy Monday to you!

There is a Newsletter version of this too!  I am excited to create a newsletter sign up button – it’s on its way somehow!  Hope your week is great:)


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