10 Reasons to Go to Yoga Class

Here are 10 reasons that motivate me to attend a yoga class.  My own practice is very important, but attending another teacher’s class gives my own practice a boost and inspires my own personal time on the mat and influences the classes I teach.
What are ways that move you to go to a yoga class?
1. It’s always rewarding.
2. There is always something new to learn.
3. It inspires creative flow.
4. Brings a sense of community and camraderie.
5. Share positive vibes with others.
6. Makes you do the stuff you wouldn’t on your own.
7. Pushes limits and challenges what you think you can do.
8. Looks at poses with a different perspective.
9. Feels so good!
10. Lets someone else choose the next “what should I do now” pose.
Hope this list gets you out there exploring your classroom options and trying some new or familiar yoga styles.
See you soon in the classroom!

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