Welcome 2015! New Yoga Fun!!!



A Toast to the New!

  Hope your entrance into 2015 has been a wonder so far.  So glad to start anew this time!  Mostly I’m easy about the passing of time, but some years are laden with the heavy goo of emotion and grasping to familiarity and 2014 has been one for me personally.  Of course, with the uncomfortable changes come the rewards of new buds blooming, a renewal of all things old and thought, as well as a shedding of old skin and ways of being we think we can never outgrow.  Here’s to that messiness of all that life heaps on at times and being able to sink into new blessings with grace and gratefulness.

I have been enjoying being a full-time business owner.  Meeting a wonderful clientele that supports my advocacy for wellness and self-care, working out kinks and knots for the body and mind, and just being able to share in the joy of the moments one takes for oneself.  This part of my journey has helped to seek out my own personal wellness regimes.  With an increase in overall massage work, it is my first priority to care for myself in a full and authentic way.  Sometimes a challenge!  But most imperative if I am to imbue my clients with the same sense of self-care and healthful wellness that I wish to see in all I see.  Take care of you! It’s all we’ve got of ya!

I am grateful for all the new that is burgeoning in my life.  There may be some perceived sadness in the backstories, but overall and despite my dramatics, newness just keep on filling in the cracks and making sure I am sure of where I am heading is in the right direction.  What has been doing this for you lately???  Here’s my list…


The most exciting for me lately is the NEW YOGA CLASS!  Are you ready to partake of the yogic journey?  This is a new start for me, so with all my students as well.  We’ll start slow and gently to get in the groove, see what is in us, and over some time, work up to flap our wings and soar to new spaces and places that our bodies allow and our minds embrace.  We do yoga to bring our body to complete health in order to bring our minds to complete health.  If our bodies are “cranky”, then we can only listen to the aches and pains.  Relieve the pain and we can hear what our hearts say to lead us to our best selves.

Join us to see what happens.  This is a beginning class, with beginning bodies and beginning minds.  We will begin and see where that takes us and how it makes us feel.  Let’s adventure anew and find the dreams lurking in our hearts and curling toes and dissipating woes.

See you Wednesdays!!!


Beginner’s Yoga, 9-10:30am, Town and Mountain Training Center

261 Asheland Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801 (around back to the left, 2nd door)

We’ve got what you need!  Just wear comfy, stretchy clothes and a willing spirit.


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