Refreshed in Thailand!


I have returned from my month long adventure in Thailand!


It was an amazing country with amazing people and amazing wonders everywhere!  My most important goal was to study Thai massage with a world renowned teacher.  I had planned a week for my studies, but stayed for almost two!  I met wonderful bodyworkers there from all corners of the globe -Russia, Portugal, Switzerland, Korea, Japan, Spain- myself being the only American most of the time.  A great experience being the minority – I actually wish I was able to experience that more often:)  Our Thai teacher was the local healer, no frills or fancy jargon, just his message and willingness to share.  We were immersed in his Buddhist faith and beliefs in an everyday way that most Thais in that area live.

Classroom Alter

Classroom Alter

Our daily lessons were flowing;  using the students present for demos and experimenting and experiencing his (seemingly) easy instructions and guidance.  – You must practice! You must see with your hands, elbows, knees!  Pay attention! – Helping guide us through the flow and ease to make the art of Thai massage effective, yet easy.

Inside Wat Pho

Inside Wat Pho

The difference was detected in the Thai massage prevalent throughout the land.  I likely received 20 versions of Thai massages over our 35 day travels.  The more I learned from my teacher, the more I understood how to observe the client, not force or use “the routine” without attention to the individual, as many local Thai practitioners were wont to do.  It was a wonderful journey with much to share, first and foremost on my Thai mat helping to relieve the aches and pains our modern technologies deliver to our bodies!


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