Where do they go?


June, not as busy as May, but apparently forever grazing in the great abyss of spent time.  Ah geez.  But many things DID, in fact, happen.  The bamboo came to a halt just before it reached the threshold of both our house and our personal limits of yard work and sanity.  It grows so fast!  An inspiring and slightly visible one to three feet in a day.  And if it rains, forget about taming it!  I love our sweet patch, but wish I had a panda stashed in the basement for its growing season – a goat would do as well, really.  My coronary starts about the 2nd week of May and this year ended in a flat fizz mid June.  I had a little help, and though some is still out there lurking, swaying to and fro in order to get a glimpse of my defiant fist shaking in its direction, the new growth has abated and we are, at this moment, on neutral terms.  It enlisted the help of poison ivy to cover and guard, so, until this winter when the battle is re-engaged, I will just love the endless waves and oceanic tunes the bamboo uses to lull me to acquiescence.


This is just a sample…

The sunny, muggy days of early June make folks want cool pools and ice buckets for your feet.  Those days are slightly rare – we tend to get rain, at least a small bit, most days in our temperate rain forest, – but “the heat” drives people out to the mountains where the air is cooler and the waters are icy.  Nobody wants to move, or go anywhere except in front of the fan.  So, being business slow, I took the opportunity to see my newest cousin, my hometown family, see the Reds play (the most boring game ever!), and ride some (of the best) roller coasters.  I took a chauffeur with me (my guy’s 15yr old daughter with a driver’s permit) and lots of knitting.  I ended up restarting my project as my projections were rejected by the fact that it woulda fit my neck, not my foot – so I got back home with what I had left with, though better proportioned and voila!  just starting the heel now:


See my nice little pattern?

I was going to only knit one sock, then send it to my pal who was to *learn* to knit the other.  Thanks to my, now joyful, miscalculations, we can each knit 2!  Yeah for me and we’ll see how she fares with the others.  We have yet to do the Skype lessons as planned…

I really knit most of this the past week; I think I was playing the uke during our trip.  Can you guess where we went?  Another hint:  We rode The Beast.  Twice.  Four and a half minutes of joyful craziness.  We laughed until we cried at how fun it was.  And we went to The-Best-Thrift-Store-Ever.  It’s been my personal shopping spot since I was her age (!).  She got a terrific T-shirt. 1979 Grateful Dead tour.  I am hoping she doesn’t know who they are – yet, anyhow.

I spent many days catching up with the garden and other lovely plant sites.  I have spent the last YEAR planning for this great planter idea… it is locked and loaded now, so soon I’ll tell you all about the entire process.  It makes me so happy!!!  I keeping asking my guy’s kids (from here on out known as “The Kiddies” or even just the kiddies or any percentage thereof) if  they have seen the flower planters or “don’t the flowers look great today?” or “did you notice this flower is blooming better?” and it is always the same look that says “what flowers???”  Geesh.  I have forgotten all that I forgot about teenage-ish-hood.


I am getting an easier feeling about making yoga a priority because *somebody said I had to* (for our Teacher Training) as opposed to when I would just get out of bed and do it because *my body* said I had to or else it will just become a (bigger and bigger) bump on a log.   I attended a great class this past week taught by a she-knew-me-when friend (I knew her too, so were even) and she had a terrific way of bringing us to work on our own practice, even reminding us we were there”just for” our home practice.  She is also a likely candidate for my focus paper of Yoga and ________________, for TT.  Mine blank will be filled in with Massage, that being my Yoga focus at this time.  How can I help my clients on the table, on the Thai mat, and in their daily life to relax, renew, rejuvenate, rework, and rejoice in the ever-changing process of movement and the body.  Yea for yoga and massage.  Teamwork!

We have another yoga weekend ahead of us, plus lots of things to do in between classes – a BBQ, a little massage-y, dinner with a friend, a concert! Sheesh, hope we make it!  Ciao, ciao!  I’ve gotta be ready!



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