Weekend Wonders


Wandering through my neighborhood…

I have been busy lately!  May was packed full of amazing and delicious adventures.  

Mother’s Day weekend, after cranking out 2.95 knitted articles for my favorite moms (check them out on Ravelry for KnittenOn) was spent at our local spring festival, LEAF, Lake Eden Arts Festival.  They have great dancing venues, performances, musicians from near and far, and walking vaudevillians and ashevillians.  I’ve enjoyed many years of this festival, watching the kiddies grow up and musicians migrate to better time slots and bigger stages.  I provided Thai Massage to as many people as possible – is there anyone I didn’t work on out there?  – and am looking forward to the fall rendition as well.  


Sweet learning!

The next weekend I attended (another) lovely weekend of an Advanced Thai Massage Workshop by Michael Sitzer.  With a fair amount of Thai Massage under my belt now, I really appreciate the flowing form and calm way Michael presents his class and his overall presence.  This coming February, I am looking forward to traveling to Thailand with Michael and his cohorts, an well as my sweetie too!

In May, I also began a Yoga Teacher Training Certification Program with Asheville Yoga Center.  Its a 230 hr training over 9 months of about one weekend a month.  I am, at this point, about to attend my 3rd weekend and looking forward to it still!  It’s been a great way to expand my individual practice, and also provides a different view into my massage therapy vocation.  A wonderful active review of anatomy and looking closely at a the movements of the body influence not only the way I work and advise my clients, but also my own mechanics for working and living in breath providing forms.  

Off to do some yoga now…

More on June later, but the highlight is:  how to keep the clients coming!



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