Spring is Here!


I’ve seen the Lenten Roses blooming beneath my kitchen windows.  I am so happy for the time I saw the little sprig of color breaking through the weeds and vines that were inhabiting the woodsy island in my yard.  It turned out there were two (!) such beauties and they have since spread out nicely near the azaleas and amid the periwinkle, the later of which was also buried beneath the tangled mess.  My years of toil in this double-acre lot have paid off in spring pastels and summer scents.  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I chanced an outbreak of poison ivy recently – I missed the jump on it last year and it overtook the yarrow AND my at-long-last producing asparagus patch.  I’m determined to have some of my favorite garden delights this spring.  I’m of the belief that poison ivy protects plants needing a respite from a variety of harms; generally human, though I suspect many animals know how poison ivy works.  I do my best to respect those plants, taking the p.i. away to respect my gardening habits and ability to work.  This time, it’s early enough that I am even considering using the dust-covered bottle of RoundUp that lurks in my basement from previous tenants.  Oh, my organic, wholesome lifestyle cringes with dismay!

Amidst the poison ivy dilemma, I have been out in the yard, toiling away for springs bounty to begin.  Pushing wheelbarrows, pulling weeds, pruning plants, bushes and trees, and shoveling mulch help me to get a great work out, along with using those hardly worked landscaping muscles.  As I return to my gardening self, I am glad for the return of my achy muscles and sore limbs.  Glad! you hear me say?  Yes, glad.  Gardening gives me such an all-over work out that I am more than glad to approach my collegues for use of their massage therapy talents.  It’s a time where  I am aware of even the smallest of muscles that do their best to show me how they can get into a bind, what each needs to be melted and released, and with each treatment I get, my own practice is reinvigorated.  I am in many ways an experiential learner, and these early days back to the earth provide such rich fodder for massage, both as a giver and receiver.

What reminds you to help ease the soreness in your limbs, the crick in your neck?  How do you reward yourself for  tireless hours spent working on the HoneyDo List or countless days of DIY projects?  How do you pat yourself on the back for relentlessly pursuing your passions, completing a competition, or just going the extra mile in whatever you do?

Massage is always a great reward.  It enriches your days and is a gift of the moment.  No programs to download, upgrades to buy, or walks to let it do its business.

Keep up the good work and enjoy your day today by getting a massage.  Feeling good feels good.

and Happy Spring!


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