Tis’ the Season for all Sorts of Things!


The holidays are in full force upon us and at times if seems as if all the lines are long, the days are short, and our  teapot whistle is about to shriek out to the universe its piercing siren of distress.  But alas!  Your solace has arrived!  One for you, one for them…

For this holiday season, One Earth Healing Massage is offering a variety of choices to help you enjoy and navigate these jolly days with peace and serenity.  Choose any or all, with a gift certificate  as needed.


For you:                                                                                                                                               A pre-holiday de-stresser, a perfect time for you to shower yourself with love, so you are better able to pay it forward…

A Full Body Massage with Reflexology of the hands and feet: 90 minutes of relaxation and calm.       $70

For the athlete:                                                                                                                                                                                             A great gift to help pamper new resolutions as everyone heads to the gym  after gobbling goodies for a few weeks.  images-16

A series of three Thai Massages to stretch and invigorate the muscles in a yoga-is-happening-TO-me kinda way.                                                                                                       $275

For the frantic:                                                                                                                                      Know someone who looks at sleep as an inconvenience?  Who does 80 things in a day and needs to make a longer list at 3pm?

A short yet sweet 30 minute treat of reflexology for sore feet and short attention-to-self (but need it!) pals.                           $25images-14


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