New Therapist at Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville


Have you heard about this great new place?

Welcome to Integrative Family Medicine of Asheville
372 Depot St. Asheville, NC

We believe that healthcare can be done differently, and we have streamlined the system to make it affordable for you.

By treating the ‘whole you’ and providing comprehensive care, we address the roots of your concerns. We give time to understand you, so that together we find an effective, individualized plan for your optimal health. We work outside of the insurance model and have two ways to provide affordable, quality care for you and your community:

Integrative Life Program Individual Visits & Urgent Care
Our program for optimal health. For $40 a month and a year commitment, you will receive: Primary care or urgent care that you can afford. For $50 a visit you will receive:
• A yearly full physical
• Nutrition Overview
• All basic labs* for the year
• Unlimited individual visits for $20
• Medical acupuncture for $40
• $30 discount off all procedures
• Free access to all of our classes
• Support from our growing community
• An individualized approach
• A comprehensive perspective
• More time with practitioners
• Preference for natural methods
• Partnership model of care
• Support for lifestyle changes
• Affordable lab and radiologic studies
• Coordinated care with other providers


It’s an incredible service to the health and wellness community and I am glad to be a part of this new paradigm-shifting practice.  I will be working in conjunction with my friend and collegue Lara Ferguson Diaz, L.Ac of Lutea Acupunture and Herb.

Massage Therapy is an essential part of an integrative approach to healthcare. Acupuncture can often work miracles for aches and pains, but there are also times when soft tissue work is key to complete relief of such conditions. Acupuncture relieves inflammation. Massage relieves spasms.

Massage is viewed by many people as a luxury when in fact it is often a medical necessity. Compared to massage, prescription muscle relaxants are quite ineffective. A chemical ingested to slightly lower overall muscle tone is no match for this massage practitioner who knows exactly how to find specific areas of tension and wring them free of pain. Often with neck and back pain, stress is a huge component. A full body massage is able to relax the enitire body to the point where specific areas of pain start to release even before work is begun on them. Once overall stress is reduced and tension is eliminated, the body’s energy flows freely and surely radiant health will follow. For these reasons we recommend massage in conjunction with acupuncture as part of a pain management program.

Please schedule an appointment today to ease your pains or relax the day away.



Can you hear me o’ favorite LMT? I said I’ve got a problem with my sole!

What, still here? Pick up the shoe phone and call now!



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