Answers to the Right Questions


According to a study done this past February, researchers at McMaster University

…and here and here and here…

in Ontario, Canada have discovered a ‘brief 10-minute massage helps reduce inflammation in muscle’.  Researchers state that ‘while massage is well accepted as a therapy for relieving muscle tension and pain, [they] delved deeper to find it also triggers biochemical sensors that can send inflammation-reducing signals to muscle cells.  The results hint that massage therapy blunts muscle pain by the same biological mechanisms as most pain medications and could be an effective alternative.’

It’ s great to see massage highlighted in the scientific world.  I’ve dreamt of a variety of testable massage studies, but have yet to bring them to fruition.   Though I’m sure fancy equipment and tests were used, there were only 11 recreationally-active young men used in the study.  Though a terrific support for massage work, and a  boone to the research -paper driven kinesthsiology doctoral students, this study urges me to put to use my multitudinous bodywork questions on my regular clients and their overall ails.

Of course, I’m  know there are a variety of massage protocols.  In a quick search, I found a wonderful research outline for us regular ole’ massage practitioners.  Check it out here.  It’s based in neuro-muscular therapy, but  highlights the most important thing to remember in getting started in your own research project -the answer is in the question.  It’s a great way to get started in even a small, informal study of your own and may lead you to a concise and remarkable answer to a question you are ever asking to be solved.


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