Blissed Out Massage Receiver for Hire!


   A freshly massaged massage therapist is very blissful indeed!

I am a fan of trading massages, though getting up from the table to give a massage can be tough sometimes. Recently, I have scheduled trades at least a day apart and find I am more able to relax into the session.  I am also inclined to be chatty with my trade-ee.  Often being friends and colleagues, there is lots to talk about, whether it’s our full lives or how we are doing that particularly wonderful technique.  Don’t get me wrong!  I love this give and take, this learning experience from both sides of the table.  It is the least a therapist can do to keep an eye on their practice from the other side of their working world.  But I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience of climbing onto an unacquainted therapist’s table for a luxurious massage.   Able to float about in the trance-like state of massage, I become the receiver and, unconsciously, am again refueled with more blissful ammunition for those happening upon my table.  My common aches and pains bring my therapist mind to yet another solution for those with similar requests, and also my awareness to how I may push a client in possibly uncomfortable ways.  Ever presently aware of the fine balance between resolving pain and pushing into tenderness, with each massage I receive, I am able to find a more specific space for healing of those on my table.  A joy for both giver and receiver.

Whether a trade, a groupon deal, or a pampering day at a local or vacationing spa, it is always a treat as well as imperative research for the new, and especially, the seasoned massage therapist.  Check out some of those “Best of (your city)” therapists – see if they are what everyone says they are.  Try out therapists in your area, or ones nearby your folks house on a visit.  You know you’ll need it – and maybe take your mom too… you know she’ll love you even more for it!

Any questions?

Here’s some to ponder…

What are some great ways for you to refuel yourself in your practice?  What is the best way to utilize your trades?

later massageator!


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