Spring Time!!!  So early and, I have to admit, I kinda missed some of those dark, wintery days to sit and contemplate and drink loads of tea.  But overall, it’s a joy to see the tall dogwood across from my window as it blooms up its sparse ladder between the pines and bamboo and I think the lilacs may make a comeback after all, as well as the tulips I discovered beneath the creeping wild vines more than a year ago.  Plus my tea drinking hasn’t much slowed.

Springtime also means tax time.  Things have worked in my favor this year and I am due a handsome return.  My first thought is to go on a grand trip – Thailand perhaps? or a yoga retreat in the Islands? or maybe a cool week-long workshop?  My thoughts actually land on a massage chair!  It would be using some “personal” finances, but perhaps it can be quickly pay itself  back with business.  There is a fellow that frequents the local healthy grocery store and seems to be working on folks often…I bet it brings in some regular customers to his table.  There are a plethora of tailgate markets about to open up and there are usually one or two therapist working from their chair.  I also have set up an alliance at a local village market.  They have a chair there and offered to have me come over and bring out the chair whenever I wanted.  As I write this, I realize it may behoove me and my tax return best to use the chair at the village market during their prime juice bar hours. $1 a minute and their chair means I may devote about seven hours of work for a top of the line chair.  And drum up some business for my regular table?! Sounds win-win to me.  And then I use my tax return for that rejuvenating trip I’ll need after the spring or even to sponsor the next big project I’ve been dreaming up lately.  I’m off to spruce up my brochures and business cards.

Stop by the next chair massage therapist you see for a few minutes of pampering and de-stressing.  You won’t be disappointed!

Spring Time!!! …


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