In a State of 100 Years


Just got back from a great trip to Southwestern United States.  We visited Tucson and Sedona, Arizona where its dry and can be windy, as well as full of the loveliest blue skies and succulent landscapes.  We saw a large part of the state and its changing terrain, took a few adventures, and experienced many great massages!

I had my first Lomi Lomi session.  I really enjoyed the long forearm movements and energy ebb and flow during my hour.  I was encouraged to be vocal and found in the tight spots, I was able to let go of my “holding” patterns easily, allowing for deeper work.  I was both relaxed and rejuvenated after the work and look forward to more Lomi Lomi.

I also received a Watsu treatment, basically a shiatsu session in the water.  It was dreamlike.  Starting in a warm roof-top salt water pool, a view of the up-close Sedona rocks, and me trying to be seaweed, it continued in this semi-conscious state as the practitioner located the knots of tension that I could feel in the ribbons of my musculature.  Once found, the knots were unfurled like one of those birthday whistles and dissipated into the aquatic surroundings.

Overall, a joyful retreat.  There is much more I will tell about the trip, but both of these sessions brought me to a question for today.

What is the best way to plan for your education in massage?  Should classes be taken haphazardly, as the whim dictates, or is it worth investment in a series of classes to focus the body of work on a particular bodywork?


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