One aspect of the solopreneur business is computering!  It can take some time at times and can loom overhead when actually doing the joyful part of my work, massage!.  I have advanced over the years, even looking at the early days of this blog I notice a difference, and am continually working to improve on my overall web presence.  This week I noticed a really cool signature that linked in an awesome way to the person’s email.  So I’ve been looking into that – see, here’s the time consumer:  How do I put a signature to my scheduling service?  It’s not gmail, yahoo, or another server base and is utilized in large companies, not cost effective for this one woman business.  It *inspires* me to delve into coding, though that seems a far reach for a simple linked name!  I’ll spend a bit more time at it and then it will magically make sense one day soon.  Here’s hoping!  My schedule has been fairly steady busy, so sign up soon for your massage or energy healing session.  Keep my hands at their best work:)




222 = Keep the Faith

222 = Keep the Faith


  1. Daft Punk  – Lose Yourself to Dance.  OMG I am super in love with this sound – doesn’t hurt that it’s Soul-Train influenced.   The animated videos are worth the watch too.  My music player says “songs sampled by Daft Punk, songs that influenced by Daft Punk, songs inspired by Daft Punk, and of course, songs by the robots themselves.”  Haha! – Enjoy them and, more importantly, enjoy dancing to them!
  2. Did you get to see these strong Mommas having babies? A pretty amazing view into what it takes to get a human into the world:)
  3. Wanting a bit of creativity in your days?  Here’s some art studio inspiration – Bob Blast – artist Robert Burridge sends out some tips and tidbits about painting and creating.  Check it!
  4. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear – here is a regular podcast featuring a variety of artist magicians – Don’t forget – You are one too!
  5. She speaks with Amy Purdy who was on Dancing with the Stars with her prosthetic dancing feet.  Amy says we have to have a “soft heart” with ourselves.  Aaaahhh.
  6. The Roots Channel interviews stellar talent talking about their musical craft. Here’s some incredible local yokels I’ve known for a while and continue to be super amazing musician magicians and great people overall.
  7. Schools In!  If you miss your test taking days, here’s one to keep you on your toes.  The grades are always A’s and you may find something out about yourself:)  Take this  Myer’s Briggs test.  I’m ESTP – what are you?
  8. Here’s another one to find your Love Language – for you and the folks around you to bring on the love in a way you can understand:)
  9. MadDog Madalyn drives around the Skunk Trunk and makes stuff for her skunked-studios.  It don’t stink!
  10. Love me some utthita parsvakonasana – it gets the hips stretched out in such a wonderful way.  This one shows the tiny muscles that feel so good to open.
  11. Learn the Shim Sham to join in the next time you see this group swing dance.  This one is taught by Frankie Manning, a swing dance legend.



11:11 Keep your thoughts positive! Sep 8, 2016

11:11 Keep your thoughts positive!                         Sep 8, 2016

I’m an avid follower of Austin Kleon, artist and writer of “How to Steal Like an Artist”.  He does a weekly newsletter of topics he is looking into, so I doing the same!  My own topics though!  Have a goodie!

  1. Overdrive!   A library in your pocket!  Read, Listen, Watch.  An amazing service and wonderful access to your favorite media.  I was thoroughly enjoying  The All Souls Trilogy via CDbook, but finished it mid-family-visit.  My hometown librarian helped me with the phone app and I’ve been a big fan ever since!  Also, happily, The All Souls Trilogy is on it’s way to television production.
  2. The Black Keys.  Can’t get enough!  Maybe they will be on tour in 2017.  You will find me there.  If you want to hear them during your massage, I won’t mind:)                    PSA:  Some of the links will hurt your eyes.
  3. If you hear I’ve moved away to New Mexico, this place is why.  Hopefully as a permanent resident client.  It has 4 different types of Hot Springs – in one place!
  4. What makes the best massage therapist? Here’s one way to look at it, but it’s sooooo personal!
  5. Take a Hike Turkey! [To Yosemite!]    (This is a common command in my family!)  But really, taking is a hike is a great way to rejuvenate, especially if it’s by a running stream or body of water.  Go out and see if it turns around your day!  Let me know where your favorite place to walk or hike is located.
  6.  Joe Nuxhall:  Being a Cincinnatian, his voice resonates through my childhood, especially the end of summer harvest days.  Little did I know he was a Cincinnati Red back in his early days.  His voice has been narrating my day all week.
  7. Gram Parsons.  I’ve been avoiding him, since I know how it ends,  but another song of his I love cropped up, so down the Gram Parsons musical tunnel I went.  All good for all it’s sadness.  I appreciate his influence on so many others. And, I am going to find out all about that outfit!  He loved it so much!
  8. My Art Studio.  I had a Crystal Ball Reading the other day at Raven and Crone.  Pretty good and accurate for a small amount of time.  “They” said to continue my Prose writing from years ago.  Meh – I want to tell stories that others write down! Then I realized “they” were reminding me to get back to my Morning Pages,  from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, which have come up a few other times recently, so I will get to it!  Maybe it will lead me to writing prose – but for now it’s sparked some more studio time.
  9. Really sad to hear about Gene Wilder.  He’s been a funny, funny man that has made me laugh really really hard over and over.  Grab some of your fav videos of his at Orbit, or your local DVD rental place.  Reading about Gene, I was most distracted by how he met Mel Brooks:  Through then fiancé and later wife, Anne Bancroft.  What a quirky pairing that lasted 41 years(!).
  10. Finding a new oil for massage therapy is tough!  They’ve quit making mine, so I am on the lookout for the best type that suits all my clients.  Making my own blends is on my list- you can make some as well!  Let me know if you have any requests, ideas, or favorites!
  11. How often do you see 11:11? – according to Doreen Virtue it means:   “Keep your thoughts positive, because your thoughts are manifesting instantly into form. Focus only upon your desires and not upon your fears.”  Ever-ly creating my massage practice, art life, joyful days, and being/becoming a healthful being, I’m passing on ideas and cool links and thoughts that roam around inside my brain and on the interwebs I find awesome or thought provoking.  (Austin Kleon does this in his way, and I am stealing the style – Yay! I’m sure(ish) he’ll approve of this theft:)  I love Fridays all the more because of his lists, so Happy Monday to you!

There is a Newsletter version of this too!  I am excited to create a newsletter sign up button – it’s on its way somehow!  Hope your week is great:)

10 Reasons to Go to Yoga Class

Here are 10 reasons that motivate me to attend a yoga class.  My own practice is very important, but attending another teacher’s class gives my own practice a boost and inspires my own personal time on the mat and influences the classes I teach.
What are ways that move you to go to a yoga class?
1. It’s always rewarding.
2. There is always something new to learn.
3. It inspires creative flow.
4. Brings a sense of community and camraderie.
5. Share positive vibes with others.
6. Makes you do the stuff you wouldn’t on your own.
7. Pushes limits and challenges what you think you can do.
8. Looks at poses with a different perspective.
9. Feels so good!
10. Lets someone else choose the next “what should I do now” pose.
Hope this list gets you out there exploring your classroom options and trying some new or familiar yoga styles.
See you soon in the classroom!

Welcome 2015! New Yoga Fun!!!



A Toast to the New!

  Hope your entrance into 2015 has been a wonder so far.  So glad to start anew this time!  Mostly I’m easy about the passing of time, but some years are laden with the heavy goo of emotion and grasping to familiarity and 2014 has been one for me personally.  Of course, with the uncomfortable changes come the rewards of new buds blooming, a renewal of all things old and thought, as well as a shedding of old skin and ways of being we think we can never outgrow.  Here’s to that messiness of all that life heaps on at times and being able to sink into new blessings with grace and gratefulness.

I have been enjoying being a full-time business owner.  Meeting a wonderful clientele that supports my advocacy for wellness and self-care, working out kinks and knots for the body and mind, and just being able to share in the joy of the moments one takes for oneself.  This part of my journey has helped to seek out my own personal wellness regimes.  With an increase in overall massage work, it is my first priority to care for myself in a full and authentic way.  Sometimes a challenge!  But most imperative if I am to imbue my clients with the same sense of self-care and healthful wellness that I wish to see in all I see.  Take care of you! It’s all we’ve got of ya!

I am grateful for all the new that is burgeoning in my life.  There may be some perceived sadness in the backstories, but overall and despite my dramatics, newness just keep on filling in the cracks and making sure I am sure of where I am heading is in the right direction.  What has been doing this for you lately???  Here’s my list…


The most exciting for me lately is the NEW YOGA CLASS!  Are you ready to partake of the yogic journey?  This is a new start for me, so with all my students as well.  We’ll start slow and gently to get in the groove, see what is in us, and over some time, work up to flap our wings and soar to new spaces and places that our bodies allow and our minds embrace.  We do yoga to bring our body to complete health in order to bring our minds to complete health.  If our bodies are “cranky”, then we can only listen to the aches and pains.  Relieve the pain and we can hear what our hearts say to lead us to our best selves.

Join us to see what happens.  This is a beginning class, with beginning bodies and beginning minds.  We will begin and see where that takes us and how it makes us feel.  Let’s adventure anew and find the dreams lurking in our hearts and curling toes and dissipating woes.

See you Wednesdays!!!


Beginner’s Yoga, 9-10:30am, Town and Mountain Training Center

261 Asheland Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801 (around back to the left, 2nd door)

We’ve got what you need!  Just wear comfy, stretchy clothes and a willing spirit.


On my walk today, I was so happy to see our great local, urban homestead supply and design shop, ,  renting a cider press at 25 dollars for two days!  Makes me think of fall days far back in my early years.  Getting lost in the dark corn fields, though we could hear our friends at the picnic shelter.  Feeling safe, but ending up scared as we roamed round and round the cornfield realizing we were going in circles, following the voices but hearing them from everywhere, and mysteriously they could not hear us!  Scary fun!

Being a part of outdoor haunted forests and apple festivals with family and kiddies and pumpkins galore.


Going to a cider press festival, enjoying the adventure, being the city girl I guess I mostly was at that time, and feeling like I had finally met my kinda people.  Whatever our ways, it’s great to meet people that resonate with you, make you feel like they are weird in the same way you are  – kindred spirits!  They want to hang out the same way you do – Yea!

I’m so grateful to be kindred spirits with all my massage clients.  Folks who enjoy spending their time relaxing, taking time to de-stress and take care of their minds and bodies.   Working at a spa where couple’s massages are a regular request and many are folks celebrating their anniversary or birthday, I always get a kick and am proud for the people who declare they are just out celebrating today.  They often continue with how they are always celebrating the day and are glad to take this time for massage.  These are the people we all aspire to be.  Even as a massage therapist, it is sometimes tough to get the time needed for self-care and reflection – though I work on it as it’s integral and supportive of my career.

Take the time to celebrate the moment this fall; for yourself, with a friend, family, or sweetie.


Check out VILLAGERS for all your urban farming needs!

Schedule a Massage with yours truly:)

Have a lovely dining experience  in Asheville!  One of my favorite spots!


One Great Way to Enjoy Fall

Hot for Cold in the Hot


Paul Pritchford bring to light in his book Healing with Whole Foods that in Chinese medicine, a major functional concept is qi, also known as chi.  A vital essence found in all things, qi has aspects of both matter and energy.  The qi concept gives a measure for the vitality of a person, object, or state.  In a person, good qi is manifested as an ability to accomplish all things, lack of obstruction in the body, better functioning of the internal organs, and so on.  Qi exists in the body through 1) food;  2) our environment; and 3) the essence of the kidneys.


Basically, it’s our vitally and what we put in and put on our bodies affect our day to day levels of energy, mood, and health.  Our daily goal, then, is to clear obstructions in order to maximize qi flow.  With that in mind, know much of Chinese medicine uses the Five Elements to attune and harmonize the body.  These are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

I wanted to touch on that so you know where I am headed as I talk a little about Hot Stone Therapy.  I bring that up because, man, is it the season for it!  Crazy, right?  I wouldn’t think so either, but I feel will this cooler summer, cold is more prevalent and people are experienceing coldness and dampness and doing their best to get their fill of heat.  Pritchford says that coldness is a associated with the Water Element.  In the body it resembles ice:  hard and motionless.  Coldness causes contraction, so a cold person bends back or moves around with difficulty.  Pain from  cold  can be intense and fixed in one place.  Some symptoms of cold include chill sensations, dislike of cold, and an attraction to warmth.  A person with signs of coldness will usually be overdressed and attracted to warm foods and drinks.  Older people tend to be cold, and people who are transitioning to a vegetarian diet also show signs of coldness.  It takes longer for a cold person to build warmth than for a hot person to lose excess heat.  This may explain the desire for hot stones during our not-so-hot summer!

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed stones are positioned on parts of the client’s body of to maximize the therapeutic benefit. The stones used are typically river rocks or other smooth-surfaced stones made of basalt.  These stones are heated before use.  Hot stone massages are beneficial on both physical and psychological levels. Check with your doctor before getting a hot stone massage though;  pregnant women and people with high blood pressure are advised to avoid this type of therapy.images-7

Muscle relaxation is one more added  benefit of Hot Stone Therapy.  The heat from the stones helps your muscles relax, allowing the massage therapist to manipulate your deeper tissues more effectively. Overly tense muscles can hinder the massage procedure, so if your muscles are extremely tight or stiff, the heated stones may provide the extra relaxation you need for the massage to be beneficial in releasing tension and easing sore muscles.

While all types of massage can help relieve pain caused by tense muscles, stiff joints or injuries, a hot stone massage may provide greater relief due to the intense nature of the massage. Because the hot stones allow the massage therapist to work deeper, you may find that a hot stone massage leaves you feeling so much better.

Typically, a massage therapist allows the heated stones to rest on trigger points in your body before beginning the actual massage. As the heat from the stones penetrates into your deeper body tissues, your blood vessels open, resulting in improved circulation. Poor circulation can lead to fatigue, which tenses the muscles, and a buildup of fluid and lactic acid in the muscles. Increased circulation delivers more oxygen to the muscles, which can help ease aches and pains, as well as move the beneficial qi.

Massage therapy can result in mental benefits as well as physical ones in many people. You may find that the relaxation afforded to you through a hot stone massage helps ease some of your mental stress and tension. A hot stone massage may also help you combat some of the symptoms of anxiety disorders and depression. While massage therapy is not a substitute for traditional medical or psychiatric care, it can be an integral part of your treatment plan for summer



Look here for more information on Paul Pritchford’s Healing with Whole Foods

Interested in balancing your qi through Acupuncture?  Visit Lutea Acupuncture and Herbs in Asheville, or click here to find an acupuncturist near you!